Another short and distort attempt by the loser timeoutofmind, AKA Darryl, aka passwordstock1p, AKA one big fn goof.

It's clear as day that this stock is shorted to the hilt. 

I've had the CEO of another mining explorer tell me recently that the IIROC short report does not even come close to identifying the true size of short interest which could be as high as 1/3 of all shares.

The short traders, in addition to having timeoutofmind post here to sow doubt and FUD, also engage in illegal naked short selling which is very difficult to catch.

That's the only reason GENM is not well over a dollar and more closely aligned to true value.

There is no price discovery at play. 

The low volume makes it possible for the shorters to sell every potential rise in price.

And it's not only one or two shorters, there are at least 5 firms and their clients involved in shorting GENM since for many, many months.

They could be working together, certainly timeoutofmind is involved, but they could be working independently.  TSX trading rules allow most of it, although it is slimy as FK.

Only approval news will stop this devastating trading of GENM.  

The shorters, including you liar, timeoutofmind, have sucked the life and value away from the buy and hold investors for now.

There will come a day where this short and distort strategy will be untenable.

You are a scourge that will be banned from trading one day and you will be banned from Stockhouse as well.

timeoutofmind, you never congratulated us for making you finally for the loser Darryl that you are.