Geoffrey Gelb, co-founder and president of FitechGelb, a property management consulting firm specializing in Yardi System's suite of products, smart tech, infrastructure, IT, security and more, has accepted a position on Zonetail Inc.'s board of directors.

Mr. Gelb is responsible for development, management and oversight of consultants offering customized services in all aspects of Yardi applications, and real estate management and development, including implementation, training, report writing, real estate technology advisory services and process review. Clients consist of owners/managers, advisers, funds and syndications which span the industrial, commercial, office and residential markets with assets from $10-million to $30-billion.

Prior to launching FitechGelb in 1996, Mr. Gelb worked within his family's property management and development company, directing all aspects of business expansion including lease development, tenant improvements and new construction, as well as developing and managing axillary income potentials for over 30 properties. Additionally, he was responsible for maintaining the entire company's technology stack, which included overseeing and implementing Yardi Systems software. Growing up in a close-knit family in the real estate industry has afforded Mr. Gelb an innate understanding of the specific needs, potential opportunities and challenges of property owners, managers and renters. As an owner of several commercial and residential properties, Mr. Gelb continues to expand his knowledge and experience of the daily realities and trends of the real estate industry. Mr. Gelb earned a BS in business economics from UCLA in 1993.

"It was essential that Zonetail added to our board someone with deep experience and knowledge of the residential side of our business," said Paul Scott, Zonetail's chairman of the board.

"Geoffrey came highly recommended from folks within and close to Yardi who refer to him as the gatekeeper of Yardi's PMCs (property management corporations)," said Mark Holmes, chief executive officer and president of Zonetail. "Geoffrey's added knowledge in residential tech space makes him the perfect addition to our board."

"When I first heard about Zonetail and its unique residential platform, I must say I was intrigued," said Mr. Gelb. "No one in the industry is doing what they are doing. When Paul approached me with the opportunity to serve on the board, I could see the value I could bring, and I'm very excited about where this company is going. Naturally, I had to accept."

The company believes that Mr. Gelb will prove to be invaluable to the speed and success of the Yardi-integrated Zonetail Home rollout, not just for his knowledge and experience in the field, but also for his vast network that stretches back over 25 years.

About Zonetail Inc.

Zonetail is a mobile platform for hotels and high-rise residential buildings providing guests and residents access and interaction with building amenities and services, as well as neighbouring restaurants, stores, services and other businesses. Zonetail has a partnership with AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association), the largest association of hoteliers in the world, representing over 25,000 hotels and 50 per cent of the U.S. market. Zonetail is also partnered with Shiftsuite, one of the largest property management system software providers to the condo industry in Canada. The residential platform is now live in over 80,000 condominium households. Zonetail recently has signed an integration agreement with Yardi, the largest property management software company in North America.