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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Primo Nutraceuticals Inc BUGVF

Primo Nutraceuticals Inc is engaged in the production, processing, retail and branding of cannabis and cannabis-related products. The company offer fully built out turnkey facilities equipped with state-of-the-art growing infrastructure to cannabis growers and processors.

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RE:RE:Wake up

Do you think Primo's declaration of assets was untruthful? We are unable to recieve any information from the company. Next steps/suggestions?  rate and reply

Primo delisted

Woot woot. I have always been anticipating something very big will happen. That's it now. It is because the 90 days expired. It was the third year they were not able to get their filings more

RE:Wake up

Let's put some money together in order to find a willing law firm in order to investigate and let them check the suspect primo nutraceuticals thing  rate and reply

Wake up

Primo team what are you doing all day long? Wake up and get your business going. I want my hard earned money back. You start me getting angry.  rate and reply

ill take a shot

of buying shares privately also, ill buy 250000 shares at .005, ive saved since casinos closed  rate and reply

Private Sale of Primo Shares - 300,000 shares wanted

Is anyone interested in selling their Primo Nutraceuticals shares privately? I have a buyer for 300,000 shares. Send me an email at if interested or drop me a DM  rate and reply

RE:RE:Primo complaints

Also I documented and Screenshot of the following tweet from 2019 ... HARVEST = TIME TO INVEST with the corresponding photos....  rate and reply

RE:Primo complaints

I sent as well. Also with photo documentation (Screenshots of the deleted Twitter account) of the Oroville harvest photos from 2019 :)  rate and reply

Primo complaints

Send complaints to British Columbia Securities Commision. Please note that IIROC does not have regulatory jurisdiction over the general public, public companies or their officers, directors more

RE:RE:RE:RE:Amazing news!...

u mean get the rightful amount of mrnn shares  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:Amazing news!...

Woot woot?????? Until now we don't even know if primo is going to continue its business as company. We also don't know if we will ever get any marianna shares. So for me there's no more

RE:RE:RE:Amazing news!...

Woot Woot..... Muhhhhaaaahhhahhhaaahhha I like your humor :) Woot Woot for what? For all the theoretical news selling so far????!  rate and reply

RE:RE:Amazing news!...

Woot woot, Im excited, this has been a long haul, but it will be worth it... GSTA THE LONGS  rate and reply

Email from IIROC

Heard back from IIROC. They are as useless as Joel. Thank you for contacting more


It would be super annoying if the primo story is finally done whereas marianna succeeds. Because it was primo's job to assist the launch of marianna and we were told that every shareholder more


@Lonamis and Hyun Best regards from real life to Land of Dreams :) There's nothing wrong about keep dreaming... I respect your dreams... But I think the primo nutraceuticals thing is finally done more

RE:RE:Amazing news!...

mrnn cant get tradeed, ormo cant get traded, thats the only news that means anything here, oh, and news that the shares coming from mrnn are for shareholders of prmo as of the specific date of more

RE:Amazing news!...

Yes, I saw the news and it is great for us. It is little bit hard, but just wait for more time now until we are back to trade againand spin out deal from Marianna.  rate and reply

Amazing news!...

“As soon as I saw what Perfect Corp. had created for us, I said: Wow! … Since deploying our skin diagnostics tool we’ve seen our sales increase by more than 30%.” - Heather Marianna, Director & more

Make some noise!

everyone here if possible should make some noise  to IIROC! here's the contact info for it: more